23cm 'Mercury' Boxed Bong for Herbs/Oil
23cm 'Mercury' Boxed Bong for Herbs/Oil
23cm 'Mercury' Boxed Bong for Herbs/Oil
23cm 'Mercury' Boxed Bong for Herbs/Oil

23cm 'Mercury' Boxed Bong for Herbs/Oil

Black Leaf
Sisältää 24% arvonlisäveroa. Toimituskulut lasketaan kassalla.

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Colour: clear/blue
Print: Black Leaf Astronauts Logo
Height: 230mm
Diameter: 38mm
Grind: SG 2x14 (14,5mm)
Wall Thickness: 3,2mm
Perkolator/Diffusor: no
Ice: no
Kickhole: yes
Oil: yes
Supplies: Shotgun Pipe, Herb Bowl, Banger
Info: Diffuser Slit Adapter L 95mm

The two-in-one set consists of a 'Mercury' bong from the 'Black Leaf' 'Astronauts' series with a herbal bowl and a quartz banger with 45° angle with clear polish as well as a 'Spaced out Astronauts' glass shotgun for the quick hit in-between. Every glass part is stowed safely in a hard foam bed, packed in a hard carton box with carrying strap for safe transportation!

Thanks to the banger, the ‘Mercury’ is turned into an oil-rig for smoking valuable oil, wax or rosin. Place the banger on the bong and heat the pan with a burner. Allow to cool briefly, then apply the oil or wax with a dabber to the pan. Then inhale the resulting steam and enjoy!
The banger is made of quartz glass which, in contrast to borosilicate glass, is permanently heat-resistant - the heat is kept better and longer, which is very important for dabbing.

The oil bowl/oil nail must be heated only at the pan, otherwise the standard grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the material.

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